5 Ways to Make Your Personal Blog Look Professional 2021


5 Ways to Make Your Personal Blog Look Professional – How to create a personal blog like a professional blog that every day penetrates traffic to thousands of views such as in news and other news sites, and gains big income through AdSense?

5 Ways to Make Your Personal Blog Look Professional
5 Ways to Make Your Personal Blog Look Professional

5 Ways to Make Your Personal Blog Look Professional 2021

This question is very often asked by novice bloggers. The stories of successful bloggers who have managed to become millionaires certainly make many people tempted to jump into the world of blogging.

Unfortunately, many people end up giving up in the early stages. Once you feel how hard it is to increase blog traffic, your strong desire to become a blogger stops right away.

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In fact, all bloggers must have experienced this phase. There is no single blog that manages to become big and popular without a long process that takes a lot of time, money, and effort.

At least, there are two basic things behind the big name of a blog:

This second point will be the main discussion of this article. For that, we summarize 5 ways to create a personal blog that you need to implement.

How to make a personal blog look professional

1. Choose a Design That Matches the Theme

There is no doubt that the display design is very influential on the overall quality of the blog.

How to create a professional personal blog starts with choosing the right design. You have to adjust the display design with the blog theme.

Source: WPbeginner

Relevant designs will strengthen the character of your blog and increase the attraction and trust of visitors.

If your blog discusses various topics in the field of technology, then the template you choose must also have a technology nuance.

Whatever your blog niche, choose a template design that fits the theme. How to create a personal blog is very important to give the first impression on visitors.

Fortunately, today there are many websites that provide quality blog templates from free to paid ones.

How to make a personal blog look professional

If you’re using a free template, make sure that you don’t change or remove the copyright so you don’t get into copyright issues.

Some blog template provider websites that you can try include:

WordPress :

  •  www.templatemonster.com
  • www.colorlib.com
  • www.athemes.com
  • www.themeforest.net

Bloggers :

  • www.btemplates.com
  • www.cssauthor.com
  • www.templatelib.com
  • www.soratemplates.com

The list above is only a small example of a blog template provider website. You can search more websites to find a template that suits your blog niche and taste. Also, read the full article on how to create a blog using Blogger here, or also how to create a blog using WordPress here!

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2. Add Interesting Features

To get high traffic, of course, you have to compete with thousands of other blogs out there.

You are required to apply how to create a personal blog that is unique and different.

Design and content alone will not be enough to beat competitor blogs.

Well, one surefire way to win the hearts of visitors is to provide additional features on your blog.

First, make sure that your blog already has common features such as email subscriptions and a search field. Although it seems trivial, this kind of feature is very useful and needed by visitors.

Once you have the basic features in place, the next step is to look for interesting, functional, and out-of-the-box feature ideas.

For example, you can provide an article request feature so that your visitors can order articles on certain topics according to their needs.

While visitors may ask you to discuss a topic via email or in the comments, providing a special feature for this function is much more effective.

This is one way to create a personal blog that has not been widely applied so that you can get a plus if you use this method.

This kind of feature will be very useful for visitors, especially for specific topics that have not been fully discussed in other blogs. Your chances of winning keywords in the topic are also very wide open.

In addition, the article request feature can also increase the interaction between you and visitors. The quality of the interaction is one thing that many bloggers still don’t pay attention to and it will be very profitable if you manage to seize this opportunity first.

Position yourself as a visitor and then ask yourself: from a visitor’s point of view, what should be improved on your blog? What features do you need or want but are not yet available on your blog?

These kinds of brainstorming questions are very effective in stimulating creativity and generating new ideas. Do this as often as possible so you can find ways to create higher-quality personal blogs and innovative and futuristic feature ideas.

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3. Expand Quotes And Infographics

All bloggers must be looking for ways to create a professional personal blog and compete to produce the best content. The benchmarks for assessing the quality of content are varied and tend to be subjective.

If you only rely on information density and grammar, you will find it difficult to compete with other blogs that are more popular.

If you pay attention to the habits of visitors, you will find the fact that many blog visitors often quote information or certain parts of an article to share on social media.

Well, you can take advantage of this by adding quotes or images from important parts of your article.

How to make a personal blog look professional

For example, if you are talking about Elon Musk, you can add an image with a popular quote from Elon Musk. How to create a professional personal blog by relying on quotes is becoming popular with bloggers.

Visitors can also easily download and disseminate the quote, of course with a more attractive format and design than just a screenshot of the article text.

How to make a personal blog look professional

If you include quantitative data in your content, it can be very useful to package it into an infographic.

Besides being easier to understand, infographic data is also more interesting to share. The use of visual content will also increase the credibility of your blog in the eyes of visitors.

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Don’t forget to include your blog’s watermark in the quotes and infographics that you create as a promotional step as well as a way to make your personal blog look more professional.

4. Always Up-To-Date

Whatever the main Niche you focus on, you should always keep abreast of developments in that topic.

Do not let you miss the latest information and lose faster than other blogs.

As soon as there is information that is trending, immediately find out as fully as possible and create content based on that information. Your readiness to absorb and process information is an important part of how to create a personal blog.

Trending topics are certainly much sought after by the public. If you manage to take this moment, your blog traffic will increase rapidly in no time.

How to make a personal blog look professional

Apart from creating content based on the latest information, you should also be diligent about updating your content. Do not let visitors find content that is no longer relevant on your blog.

If there is new information regarding any of the content on your blog that needs updating, take the time to edit the content to maintain visitor trust.

Of course, reading news and scrolling social media will be your daily activities as a blogger. This is an important part of how to create a personal blog that you should get used to by now. Don’t forget to hone your copywriting skills so that the content you create isn’t in vain! Read the full guide to proper copywriting here.

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5. Run SEO Consistently

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must if you want your blog to be on the first page of search results.

Without SEO, your blog will sink in the lower rankings and the chances of visits to your blog are also very low. SEO is a way to create a personal blog so that it gets a good rating in search engines so it ranks at the top.

Well, SEO itself is dynamic and changing. The SEO techniques that you apply now are not necessarily relevant to be applied in the future.

How to make a personal blog look professional

Google’s algorithm continues to evolve in order to produce a higher-quality rating system for users.

Thus, you must also always follow the development of the SEO world in order to be able to apply the right techniques.

As soon as Google updates the algorithm, inevitably you also have to update the SEO on your blog according to the latest algorithm from Google.

Thus, SEO is an important part of how to create a personal blog that must be done consistently and continuously.

If you are late in applying the latest SEO techniques, you should be prepared to be eliminated from the top of the search results.

Remember, there are lots of other blogs out there trying hard to take your place.

It might sound tiring. But if you are consistent and enjoy each process, blogging will be a fun, rewarding, and profitable activity.

Even many experts say that SEO is the most important part of how to create a personal blog in order to be able to generate high traffic.

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