5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types) 2021


5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types) 2021 – Are you bored of using all the default Oppo fonts on your Android phone? I know many of you are tired of using the default OPPO fonts available on your Android smartphone. Android offers some of the best open-source applications for changing OPPO fonts. In this article, you will learn how to Change Oppo Fonts without needing root.

5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types
5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types

5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types)

So, if you want to give your smartphone a new look, you should know that you can always change the OPPO font. Some Android OEMs have combined additional fonts with their phones. Although not all offer this option. The good news is that even if that happens on your device, you can still change the font.

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I will show you how to change the font on OPPO without root.

5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root (All Types)

5 Ways to Change OPPO Fonts Without Root

In this tutorial, I will reveal some of the best ways to change OPPO font without root on android. This trick is quite easy and interesting which makes your Android phone look great!

1. How to Change Fonts on OPPO (Without Root): GOLauncher

1. First of all, install  GO Launcher from the Android Google Play Store.

2. Now, you have to install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store. Fonts GO Launcher App is an amazing and easy to use App which provides different and cool fonts.

GO Launcher fonts

3. Now you need to search for your Best Oppo fonts in Go Launcher Fonts. Search and Download.

4. Open the Go Launcher App and from the home screen tap the Menu button at the right corner. Now there is a select ”  Go Settings  .”

5. Select Preferences from the menu then look for a font option.

6. Now you will see a list of fonts then select the font of your choice. You need to click ”  Scan fonts  ” to view the downloaded fonts.

You can manually put the font files in the path:  / sd card / GOlauncher Ex/fonts. After making changes, the changes take place immediately without restarting the phone.

2 iFonts – How to Change Font for OPPO Android

The iFonts application is also used to change OPPO fonts on Android. but the only problem that this app is limited to working on Samsung S8 Android Phones. Only a few limitations but this App works perfectly on Redmi, Xiaomi, Meizu, and Maximum all Android devices.

This application specifically works only on Non-Rooted Android Hp. Here we go below is How to change Oppo fonts Without root using iFont Application.

Download the iFont Application

  1. First, Enable the installation of applications from ”  Unknown Sources.” These options can usually be found in  Settings> Security.
  2. Launch iFont. Go to the Online tab and Tap on the name of the font you want to install.
  3. Tap the Download button.
  4. Tap the Set button. Or go to  Settings> Display> Font Style. Your newly installed fonts will appear in the list.
  5. Tap the new font to use it as a system font.
  6. The font is applied immediately. No need to reboot your device after installation.

3. System Settings

As of 2017, Many Android phones come with a large set of fonts on the device, you can also use them just by Going to Settings. (Very easy to do)

Go to  Settings> Device> Fonts> Font Style  . (Under Android 4.3)


Go to  Settings> My Device> Display> Font Style.

Only Samsung phones have this feature but other devices (NonSamsung devices) may or may not have this feature by default. If you think your Android doesn’t have a built-in way to switch fonts, try one of the following apps instead.

4.Fix Fonts (Only for Rooted Devices)

Fix Font is one of the most downloaded Android applications to change Oppo fonts on Android. Font fix allows you to download 1000+ fonts for free and make your device look pretty cool!

Download Fix Font

5. By Installing the Launcher Application

Even though the Android Launcher comes with excellent fonts and themes, you can use the best fonts on your Android device by simply installing the best android launcher for it.

So these are the 5 best ways that can help you change OPPO Android fonts Without Root. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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