How to download free photos from Shutterstock without watermark | Update 2021


How to download free photos from Shutterstock without watermark | Update 2021 – In fact, the photos are professional photos of common places and nature. These photos are clearly protected by copyright and provided without a watermark in case you want to buy them.

How to download free photos from Shutterstock without watermark
How to download free photos from Shutterstock without watermark

How to download free photos from Shutterstock without watermark? | Update 2021

To showcase the work of professional photographers, Shutterstock displays the images and snapshots you are looking for, but these images are watermarked to prevent the original image from being downloaded.

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** Note: This is an educational guide only. It is better to buy images for professional use. Otherwise, you can be sued.

Don’t worry, we will provide you with free forms. However, before proceeding, please follow Shutterstock’s copyright policy.

This is the latest guide to help you easily download free photos from Shutterstock without a watermark.

This is an amazing guide to take original Shutterstock photos without watermark for free. This should only be taken as a guide for teachers.

step 1

To do this, go to Shutterstock Photo Downloader.

Download Photos from Shutterstock Online (Shutterstock Grabber)

Step 2:

Now you have Paste Original Image URL, then click \ ” Create link \”.

Step 3:

The link will appear after a download. on the same page below to create a link option. Just click on the option and that image will load.

Note: If your site stops working for a while, please wait and try again later. You can also buy a Premium account there to enjoy unlimited service.

How do I download free photos from Shutterstock?

Shutterstock rewards its users with free weekly photos when they sign up to its site. It is easy. Just go to and subscribe. Take a look at their weekly posts where they post a free photo to download for free every week.

Where to find the image:

A) Check out the free image of the week on the home page.

1) Now scroll down and you will find the article title as “Free Photo of the Week” by Author / Account.

2) A download option will appear below. . Login (if you are already registered) and download it to your deviceHow do I download free photos from Shutterstock


However, this is limited and not required. So how do you get the required images without a watermark? … here is the solution below,

Upload photos from Facebook Shutterstock (FB_Trick)

If you are using Google Chrome, you can do it with your Facebook account. There is a tool called the Developer Tool that can help you view the link to download the image. So if you want to get free photos without a watermark from Shutterstock, follow these steps:

Facebook offers free CreativeHub ad templates for business ads to advertisers. Shown here are high-resolution images from Shutterstock.

Step 1:

Simply open the mockup page here and select from the menu ” contest by “.

Step 2:

Now scroll down and click on \ ” Select an image then select an option. Burst”.

Upload photos from Facebook Shutterstock (FB_Trick)

Step 3:

Then enter the keywords for the target image and select one of those images.

Now you can just create an ad template for your site and give it a title. Don’t worry, it’s still free and only offered.

Step 5:

Now first record the ad, then click preview \ “Eye”. This demonstration will be shown with this image. Now you need to find the URL of the image to download just the image.

Step 6:

You just need to download and open the developer tool extension in Chrome. This gadget may reveal a real link to this Shutterstock Facebook image.

That’s it.

How do I get the URL of the image from Shutterstock?

You can link to a Shutterstock image in three easy steps:

  • Just open and find your image there.
  • Then select an image and open it.
  • The image will now open and the link is in the browser’s address bar.

that’s it.

Best Shutterstock Alternatives for Free Images

If you are looking for high-quality images for personal or commercial use, these sites can help. Here is the list below:

1. This is the best photo site and a great alternative to You can download images from the site for free without any watermark. This site has a CC0 license that allows users to download and use these images once they are completed.

. StockSnap Another CC0 license holder that allows users to download watermarked images for free with complete precision. To download, go to the website and find the images you need to download for free from the web to your computer.

3. Unsplash Photos mean to everyone, this is how they show your business. Unsplash offers free images created by professional photographers. Download and use are free, and no license or credit is required. it’s yours. Yes, you also own a CC0 license.


Just use one of the methods below and find the method that best suits your needs. However, proceed with caution and be careful not to infringe on Shutterstock’s copyright.

All advice given here is informative and has been translated from foreign sites and it is necessary to consult specialists on the site.
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