10 Easy Ways to Take Care of MacBook Battery 2021


MacBook performance and toughness are no longer in question. Moreover, the latest release with the latest technology and long battery life, makes MacBooks have many advantages.

10 Easy Ways to Take Care of MacBook Battery
10 Easy Ways to Take Care of MacBook Battery

10 Easy Ways to Take Care of MacBook Battery 2021

But that doesn’t mean Apple’s portable computer can’t be damaged. Bloated battery, problematic charger indicator, can’t charge are some of the damage to MacBook batteries that users often encounter.

How to Care for MacBook Battery

Generally, MacBooks use Lithium polymer batteries (Li-on) and are stored in the casing, some are removable (easy to remove and install). The latest MacBook series all the batteries can no longer be easily removed because you have to open the bottom case first.

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How long does a MacBook battery last?

The answer, MacBook battery life is different for all series. Normally, it can be used for 10 to 11 hours more if you buy it new.

But it can only last around 10.5 hours if it is used to watch the streaming video for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2019.

Does anyone know the latest MacBook series in 2021, how long is the battery life of the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1?

Battery performance will continue to decline if you don’t know how to take care of your MacBook battery. To prevent the battery from being damaged quickly and last longer, here are tips that you should read.

1. Use Stavolt

One of the factors that can cause a bloated or damaged battery is due to an unstable power supply or electric current from the terminals. No exception for Apple’s laptop, MacBook.

The power source generated by the generator is generally unstable. An electric current that goes up and down can damage the MacBook battery.

Likewise, the electricity supply from PLN is sometimes not unstable, so it is highly recommended to use a stavolt so that the power is stable that comes from the MacBook charger to the battery.

There is a saying that “prevention is better than cure”.

Buy a good voltage and current stabilizer so that the power supply that goes to the MacBook charger or logic board is as needed and also avoids bloated batteries.

You can also buy it at electronic equipment stores or online stores such as BukaLapak, Tokopedia, and others.

2. Show Battery Percentage

You can find out how much remaining battery you can use by looking at the battery percentage in the menu bar in the upper right corner. Of course, this feature must be activated first in order to display it.

As reported by the Apple page, this feature serves to monitor the Mac or MacBook battery such as the range of time it takes to use without a power source to the terminal, charging the battery is full or not, battery low-bat, and knowing how long it takes to charge the battery.

How to bring up the battery icon in the menu bar, as follows:

Choose Apple menu – System Preferences

Click the Dock & Bar menu then tick “Show battery status in the menu bar.”

This feature also makes it easy for you to check the remaining battery on your MacBook just before you want to store it for a few days. Make sure the battery remains 50% so that the battery’s health is maintained.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

Adjusting the brightness of the MacBook screen can also make the battery last longer or not run out quickly. Especially if you want to linger in front of a Mac laptop.

A screen that is too bright will quickly drain battery power. In addition, the eyes will not be able to linger in front of the MacBook screen if the brightness is set too high.

No wonder the latest MacBook series is equipped with an ambient light sensor feature that is able to detect lightning in the surrounding area.

Layer brightness can be set manually or automatically according to your Mac device. Some MacBook series output or older models, do not have this feature.

4. Check Battery Condition

Even if the MacBook battery is classified as a battery that is durable or not easily damaged. You should also periodically check its condition.

Mac batteries have a battery charge cycle ( cycle count ). To find out the number of battery charging cycles on a MacBook laptop, the method is quite easy.

Choose Apple menu – About Mac – System Report.

In that window, you can see how many cycles it has. There is also presented data capacity, amperage, voltage to the condition of the battery.

Is the MacBook battery still good, damaged, estimated how long it will last, or should it be replaced immediately.

Apple claims that the MacBook battery is capable of a 1000 cycle count, or about 80%.

Checking the condition of the battery is one of the important things that must be considered when buying a used MacBook.

Remember, just like any other device that runs on batteries. MacBook battery performance can also decline with age.

It is recommended to AASP or Apple Indian authorized service if you want to replace the MacBook battery. There are many batteries on the market today that are not recommended by Apple.

5. Disable Keyboard Backlight

The backlight ( backlight ) keyboard that is embedded in the laptop is very useful and fun. Especially when using it in a room with less lighting.

The laptop made by Apple, MacBook has it. Even the keyboard light can be set automatically or manually.

Here’s how to enable and disable the MacBook keyboard backlight:

Press the F5 key to dim or turn off the keyboard backlight.

Press the F6 key to make it bright or turn it on.

To activate automatically, follow these steps.

Run System Preferences – Keyboard Setup or type “keyboard setup” in Spotlight.

Put a checkmark on “Adjust keyboard brightness in low light ” or “ Automatically illuminate keyboard in low light ” in English.

Keyboard lights that are too bright will make the battery run out quickly (wasteful). So use it only when needed.

6. Update macOS Software

Apple always releases system updates for its devices, including MacBooks to pamper its users. Only old MacBooks are usually no longer provided.

It is recommended that you always keep your Mac software up to date, be it application updates, errors, or system security.

This notification will appear automatically in the upper right corner, you can determine when the update is installed. You can also find this macOS update in system preferences – Software Update.

To update the system and applications, you can also use the App Store.

How to Update macOS Apps and System

This update is useful for installing system updates and macOS applications such as Safari, iTunes, and other applications via the App Store. Make sure your Mac is connected to the Internet and that the speed is stable.

Run System Preferences – Update Software

If an update is available, click Update Now to start the system update

Wait until the download process is complete.

To find out what will be updated, click More info… in the Update Software window before starting the update.

Put a checkmark on “Automatically update my Mac” to have your Mac install updates automatically later.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

Your Mac is already equipped with a Bluetooth device. So, there is no need to buy a separate Bluetooth dongle or USB to use it.

Generally, BlueTooth on your Mac will turn on automatically so it will automatically drain the battery power. For that, turn it on only when needed and turn off BlueTooth when not in use.

8. Close Unused Apps

There is no doubt about the performance of the MacBook, especially with the multi-tasking feature that has been embedded by Apple for a long time. Run multiple applications at the same time without any problems.

The use of so many applications at one time will drain the battery faster than just opening one or two applications.

Instead, close other applications if they are not in use. Run only when needed because this habit will make the battery charge cycle quickly add up.

9. Calibrate and Avoid Over-Charging

MacBook Li-ion batteries last a lot longer than regular laptops, but they must also be treated properly so that battery life can last longer.

Plug the charger overnight is best avoided because it will affect the health of the battery. When the battery charge reaches 100%, unplug the MacBook charger and use only battery power.

It also aims to perform calibration.

How to calibrate the MacBook battery is very easy, use the MacBook without a power supply directly from the terminal until the battery percentage is 40% then charge it again.

10. Keep away from sun exposure

Generally, electronic devices are advised not to be exposed to direct sunlight because high temperatures will damage them. Likewise with the MacBook, do not expose it to the hot sun.

This is intended to avoid temperatures that are too high, especially the MacBook casing material is made of aluminum. Can quickly absorb heat.

One of the damage that can be caused, one of which is the battery.

Frequently use your MacBook at room temperature or cold to prevent battery health from deteriorating significantly.

That’s how to take care of your MacBook battery so it doesn’t get damaged so you don’t have to worry about taking it to an Apple service center anymore. This tutorial is very important, especially for buying a used MacBook laptop.

By paying attention to some of the MacBook battery care tips above, you can anticipate damage and maintain battery performance and not get bloated because of damage.

Thank you.

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