How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM 2021


How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM – Sometimes, users do have to activate IDM manually because the application extension has not been integrated with the browser, be it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM

Easy Way to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM

Once integrated, later you can easily use it because the IDM download button will appear on every link, one example is on YouTube videos.

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Well, for those whose IDM application is not connected to the browser, don’t worry, on this
an occasion I will show you how to activate IDM in Chrome and Mozilla.

How to Show IDM Button

Activating IDM in a browser is different from activation, yes. For activation, one way is to use the IDM serial number. Meanwhile, to activate IDM in the browser, you only need an extension.

Here’s how to activate IDM according to the browser you’re using:

Google Chrome

To activate IDM on Google Chrome, you just need to enter the IDM extension which is located in the installation folder. For those who are still confused, follow these steps:

  1. First, please type chrome://extensions in the Google Chrome address bar.
  2. You will be directed to the Google Chrome Extensions, please minimize Google Chrome first.How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
  3. Now, please go to your IDM installation location which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager. Once inside the folder, look for a file called IDMGCExt.crx.How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
  4. Click (hold) IDMGCExt.crx then drag it to the Google Chrome Extensions earlier. If there is a notification like an image below, just click Continue.How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
  5. Finally, activate the extension by clicking the toggle until it is active.
  6. Finished.

By following the steps above, your IDM should be active and can be used normally. But, sometimes there is also a problem that causes IDM to not be active.

If your IDM extension is not active, I suggest updating Google Chrome to the latest version. After that, please repeat the steps above again.

Do you know how to continue downloading on IDM ? This is important because sometimes, the IDM download process often stops and cannot be continued.

Mozilla Firefox

How to activate IDM in Mozilla Firefox can be said to be easier than Google Chrome. Because there is a website that provides an IDM addon.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, please visit the website
  2. After that, locate and click on the Install Addon button.How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
  3. Next, you will be faced with a pop-up like the one below, please just follow the instructions I gave (I have sorted it).How to Activate Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox IDM
  4. Finished.

By following the steps above, your IDM in Mozilla is active and can be used normally.

Actually there is also a manual method (such as how to activate IDM on Google Chrome), but I personally prefer to use an addon because it is easier.


How to activate IDM on YouTube has actually been included in the previous methods. If Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are active, the IDM download button on YouTube will also appear automatically.

Well, for those whose IDM download button hasn’t appeared yet, maybe some of the tips below can solve your problem.

#3.1 Browser Update

As far as I know, the browser is also very influential when the IDM download button does not appear in the browser. This may be because the extension is no longer supported with older browser versions.

For that, please update your browser to get the latest version. After that, please do the above methods according to the browser you are using.

#3.2 Reinstall IDM

The extension does not work properly, it could be because there was an error during the installation process. To fix this, you can reinstall or reinstall IDM.

My advice, use the latest version of IDM because every update there will usually be new features or improvements from previous versions. So the possibility of an error is getting smaller.

3.3 IDM Activation

Based on my personal experience, the IDM extension does not work when the IDM active period is less than 10 days remaining. With this, the IDM button automatically doesn’t appear either.

For that, you can activate it with the IDM serial number or use other methods. For your information, Click here to IDM price list

By purchasing the license above, you will get all the features provided by IDM. You will never get a fake IDM serial number warning because the license used is original.

Well, those are some ways that you can use to activate IDM on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and YouTube. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column.

That’s the article that I can convey on this occasion. Hopefully, this article can be useful and add insight to all of us.

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