How to Activate Office 2016 Easily And Permanently 2021


How to Activate Office 2016 Easily And Permanently 2016 provides all the great features and will support your work productivity in creating and compiling a text document and also an image. No wonder this Microsoft document processing software is the most widely used worldwide.

How to Activate Office 2016 Easily And Permanently
How to Activate Office 2016 Easily And Permanently

Best Ways to Activate Office 2016 Easily And Permanently

In-Office 2016 we will find a set of applications for working with text (Word), presentations (PowerPoint), spreadsheets (Excel), notes (OneNote), and other types of documents.

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This Office 2016 product holds complete dominance as the most popular in the world and it is almost impossible if anyone has never heard of it.

Microsoft Office 2016 (codenamed Office 16) is an iterated version of the Microsoft Office productivity software series and the successor to Office 2013.

Officially released on 22, September 2015. And the feature brought by Office 2016 is the ability to create, open, edit and save files that are in the cloud directly to the desktop.

In addition, Office 2016 is also equipped with a new search tool called “Tell Me” which is equipped with a command prompt where you can write in real-time (directly) with other users who are connected via Office online, this feature is available in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. This is a great feature when you collaborate with teams that are in different locations and even different countries.

There are also minor features that are also worth mentioning, namely integration with Bing to harvest relevant information from websites, as well as new types of Excel charts such as treemaps, pie charts, cascade charts, histograms, and box-plots, and there is also a tool called DLP which is data loss prevention to prevent data loss specifically found in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

And every time we buy a computer or laptop with Windows as the operating system, we will find Office as a pre-installed program because this program is built from Windows.

But if Windows and Office on your computer are not original, then you have to activate them if you want to enjoy all the features offered.

If you are like me who want to use Microsoft Office 2016 full without restrictions, then inevitably you have to activate your Office 2016.

And don’t worry, the activation process is very easy, you don’t need to dive into the registry code, but just download the software and run it, then you’re done

How to activate Office 2016 does not require a product key and also does not need to manually install the key but that task will be carried out by software that I have personally tried and succeeded in making my Office 2016 full of features. As in the following image.

How to Activate Office 2016 Easily And PermanentlyNotice. For those who have Office 2019, and now want to activate it, they can immediately go to the permanent way of activating Microsoft Office 2019.

How to activate Windows 2016 for free permanently without a product key

I recommend two software for you to choose to activate Microsoft Office 2016 on your Windows computer.

And one of the methods in this post successfully activated Microsoft Office 2016 on my computer. You can choose one of these two Office 2016 activation software or you can even try all of them. Immediately I recommend the first software.

Explanation. Before following the tutorial, make sure you first turn off Windows Defender on your PC. If not then follow the tutorial on how to turn off Windows Defender in Windows.

1. Activation of Office 2016 with Batch File

  1. First of all, please open this URL, then copy all the code in it.
  2. Then open Notepad, then paste the code you copied earlier, then name the file 1click.cmd then save.
  3. Now right-click on the 1click.cmd file and select Run As Administrator.

Activation of Office 2016 with Batch File

  1. Then the Command Prompt window will open automatically to activate, wait for the activation process to complete.
  2. If it is complete, the message ” Product Activation Successfully ” will appear.

Activation of Office 2016 with Batch FileIf the above method fails to activate Microsoft Office 2016 then don’t worry, there are other ways you can try to activate Office 2016, and most likely it will work. For that, you can go directly to the next method, my friend.

The next way we will use the software was how to use it is very easy and you can immediately practice it because I provide a step-by-step tutorial to use it to activate Microsoft Office 2016 on your Windows computer. Immediately, friends, follow the steps.

2. Activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto Lite

This software is very good and quickly activates Office 2016 without a product key and is permanent, the file size is small and without installation, you just download the raw file then select the .exe file according to your computer system bit—for example, 64-bit or 32-bit—then open it. The steps are as follows.

  1. Download KMS Auto-Lite (3.2 MB) to your PC.
  2. Then extract the RAR file.
  3. Inside are two exe files named KMSAuto x64.exe and KMSAuto.exe. For 64-bit Windows then select KMSAuto x64 while for 32-bit systems select KMSAuto.exe. Suppose you use 64-bit then right-click on KSMAuto x64.exe and select Run As Administrator to open it.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto Lite

  1. This is how it looks, then click on the Tools tab, and click on Convert Office 2010/2013/2016 RETAIL=>VL. See the image as an example.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto Lite

  1. Then return to the Main Window, and click Install GVLK then click Forcibly and also click Office Key.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto Lite

  1. This tool will install the key, so wait for this tool to work, after that, you will get a Key Installed Successfully notification, if there is a Key Installed notification, now it’s time for you to click the Activate Office button to activate your Office 2016.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto LiteActivate Office 2016 with KMS Auto Lite

  1. It’s all right because you have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2016 using KMS Auto-Lite. And of course, now you can use all the available features and receive official updates from Office 2016. Please check by opening any program, for example, Word then goes to File -> Account and see the status.
Notice. Have an unactivated Windows 10? Please follow how to activate Windows 10 permanently and quickly.

You can also use the next software to activate your Office 2016, just follow the method, friends.

3. Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016

The second software that I also recommend for permanent Office 2016 activation without a product key is KMS Office 2019 or also known as KMS Office 2013-2019 C2R Install or OInstall. And it has been proven to be successful in activating Office 2016 quickly and very, very easily.

So, go straight to all the instructions for how to activate Microsoft Office 2016 permanently.

  1. Download KMS Office 2019 and extract the zip file on your computer.
  2. Then right-click on OInstall.exe and select Run As Administrator to open.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016

  1. After opening, in the Main Window view of KMS Office, you just select the Utilities tab .

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016

  1. While on the utility tab, click Office Reactivation Task, then click the Office Retail button => VL. then KMS Office will install for you the license key from Office 2016. So wait until the process is complete, it will take about 2 to 3 minutes.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016
Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016

  1. If KMS Office already displays the ++++Completed++++++ notification as shown above, then now is the time to activate the license, by clicking the Activate Office button.

Activate Office 2016 with KMS Office 2016

Explanation. If the Windows Security Alert dialog box appears, then just click the Allow Access button to continue the Office 2016 activation process.
  1. Then Product activation successful will appear in the KMS Office box like this:Microsoft Office 2016 KMS Office Activation Successfully then it means Office 2016 has been successfully activated. And to check it please open Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other Office products then click File -> Account to see if it has been activated as in the previous picture.

And that’s how to use KMS Office 2019 to activate Microsoft Office 2016.


  • Question: I’m getting MS blocked KMS issue when trying to activate Office 2016, how to solve it?
    • Answer: You can turn off Windows Defender Security temporarily.
  • Question: CMD disappeared immediately after I opened it, what is the solution?
    • Answer: You have to open CMD (Command Prompt) using Admin or Run As Administrator.
  • Question: I have successfully activated it, but when I open one of the Microsoft Office 2016 products, for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or others, the error code message always appears: Error code: 0x4004F00C, what is the solution?
    • Answer: This is due to damage to your Windows system, for that do a scan on Windows to find what is broken, then fix it, after that repeat the activation process of Microsoft Office 2016.
  • Question: I have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2016, but how come every time I open one of the Microsoft Office 2016 products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or others, I am still prompted for activation, then what is the solution?
    • Answer: That’s because there is more than one Office installed on your computer, so the solution is to uninstall one of them.


Alright friends, those are all the steps you can follow to activate Office 2016 for free, permanently, and without a product key and have been proven by me and many people to successfully activate Office 2016.

Please share your experience activating Microsoft Office 2016 and feedback in the comments area.

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