How to Affiliate Market, Definition, How it Works, Types, and Tips for Success 2021


How to Affiliate Market, Definition, How it Works, Types, and Tips for Success 2021– Affiliate marketing programs are one of the hundreds of ways to earn from the internet. But like any other endeavor, to be successful as an affiliate marketer you have to work hard, be consistent, and be creative. With enough dedication, you can even make affiliate marketing a profitable business model.

How to Affiliate Market, Definition, How it Works, Types, and Tips for Success
How to Affiliate Market, Definition, How it Works, Types, and Tips for Success

How to Affiliate Market, Definition, How it Works, Types, and Tips for Success 2021

In fact, there are also many bloggers and influencers who earn up to tens of millions by becoming affiliate marketers.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program that provides commissions for someone who has been successful in promoting a product or service through digital channels such as websites and social media.

In affiliate marketing, there are three interrelated parties:

  • Merchant: An entrepreneur, company, or organization that has a product to sell. Products sold can be in the form of goods, software, or services. In general,  merchants are not directly involved in the sales process by affiliate marketers, they only receive sales, and pay commissions to affiliates accordingly.
  • Affiliate: Individual advertiser or organization tasked with marketing the merchant’s products with the ultimate goal of getting conversions via affiliate links or referral codes. One of the advantages of referral codes is that they offer benefits such as additional free products, discounts, and so on that affiliates can use to attract customers.
  • Customer: Consumers who buy products belonging to merchants for information and promotions provided by affiliates. Generally, customers who register services or purchase products through affiliate referral codes will get offers in the form of discounts or other benefits.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

After understanding a little about affiliate marketing, now is the time for you to know about the advantages of being an affiliate marketerAffiliate marketing programs offer many advantages when compared to other online side businesses. Here are some of the advantages of affiliate marketing :

1. No marketing skills required

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need special skills in marketing. You can learn all the necessary knowledge while running the program.

2. No capital or with Small fee

The affiliate business model can be run with no capital at all, or at a relatively low cost compared to other business models. You only need to have a social media account or create a blog with a starting capital of IDR 50 thousand.

3. Can be passive income

If you have a full-time job, you can still become an affiliate marketer. You only need to develop promotional media and marketing strategies in your spare time. Then, you just need to monitor the results.

4. No responsibility for product management

As an affiliate marketer, you are tied to the company that owns the product or service you are promoting. But that doesn’t mean you can just choose the affiliate program you’re promoting. Choose an affiliate program that you trust in quality so that customers who buy through your referral link or code are not disappointed or suffer losses.

5. Flexible and unbound

You can run your affiliate program from anywhere and anytime. Apart from that, you can also join more than one affiliate program to diversify your passive income path.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How affiliate marketing works is quite simple with four phases as shown in the image below. The main challenge in affiliate promos marketing is designing attractive promotional strategies to get new customers through referral codes.

  1. Register Program to Merchant

    You can register to become an affiliate for a company. Each company has its own terms and conditions for becoming an affiliate.

  2. Share Program with Promo Code

    After getting your unique referral code, you can start sharing and promoting products or services sold by merchants.

  3. Customer register using affiliate code

    With a successful promotion, there will be customers who register or buy merchant products by using a special link or entering your referral code.

  4. Get commission

    After a successful transaction (or several days after, depending on the merchant’s policy ), you will get a commission that can be withdrawn.

    In general, you will get a commission after you manage to get a new customer through a referral code or special link. There are several types of affiliate marketing commissions, and each has its own challenges to earn.

    Affiliate Marketing Commission Types

    • Pay per click

      This type of pay-per-click commission is the easiest to get because you only need to convince other people to click on a  link that leads to a  merchant’s landing page. This type of commission usually prioritizes quantity, so the commission you get per click is not too large.

    • Pay per sale

      Pay per sale commissions have a much higher level of difficulty than other types of commissions. To get this type of commission, you need to convince people to buy a product or service. Therefore, you are challenged to design a very persuasive offer.

      Instead, you will get a portion of the nominal transaction as a commission in the form of a percentage of sales.

    • Pay per lead

      This type of pay per lead commission is one of the big challenges for affiliate marketers. This type of commission requires the affiliate to direct customers to a website as well as perform an action determined by the merchant such as registering an account, participating in a free trial program, downloading software, and other conversion models.

    Now, after knowing the three types of affiliate marketing commissions, now we will discuss who can run this affiliate marketing business model.

Who can join the Affiliate Marketing program?

Basically, anyone can become an affiliate marketer. But you need to remember that to be a successful affiliate, you must have certain media that can help you promote products or services sold by merchants.

The following are groups with great potential for success in affiliate marketing programs.

  • Key Opinion Leader/Influencer

    Maybe you don’t realize it, but there are so many creators who earn as affiliate marketers on social media. Influencers and call have an influence that can convince their followers to buy a product of their referral code.

    In addition to the potential for successful promotions, influencers and calls also have a sizeable market segment, thus expanding the scope of their promotions.

  • Blogger

    Bloggers can also be successful affiliate marketers because they have the potential to rank high in search results on search engines. If you have a blog with good SEO, then it is very likely that you can join affiliate marketing programs successfully. The higher the traffic of a blog, the more likely the conversion will occur through your referral code.

How to be successful in becoming an affiliate marketer

Well, if you are determined to join the affiliate marketing program, what can you do to get lots of new customers?

Here are some tips to increase affiliate marketing success :

1. Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Program

There are various types of commissions that can be earned from affiliate marketing, but you need to consider the following factors before taking part:

  • Relevance: Choose an affiliate program that fits your niche or content topic. If you have a blog about social media, then choose an affiliate that deals with social media management software, digital advertising platforms, digital optimization tools, and so on.
  • Commission: Each affiliate program offers a different commission percentage. So, adjust your choice with the expected commission you want to get.
  • Credibility: Make sure the affiliate you choose is a trusted program. You can judge the quality of an affiliate from how many and who are already affiliates in the program.
  • Support: Choose an affiliate merchant who is willing to provide full support, either in the form of technical or customer service to ensure any affiliate related issues can be resolved quickly

2. Determine the Best Promotional Media

After choosing an affiliate program that fits your criteria, it’s time to choose the media you will use for promotion.

In general, the best promotional media are those with the highest number of followers and engagements. You can use blogs, social media, or YouTube channels.

Also, make sure the affiliate provider has allowed the use of the media before you post your referral link and code to avoid blocking.

3. Create In-depth and Personal Review Content

After choosing a program that fits your follower demographic, the next step is to create personalized content. If you make a generic review, then your content is no different from hundreds of thousands of other reviews on the internet.

Write a personal and in-depth review without taking sides, so you can build empathy with your readers and followers. This way, it will be easier for you to convince them to try the product through your referral link or code.

4. Take advantage of the trend that is going viral

The viral culture that you often find on social media is one of the free promotional channels that you can use to promote affiliate links.

Of course, you have to think of various creative ways to apply these trends with the product or service you want to promote to produce relevant and interesting content.

5. Use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Use the Fear of Missing Out marketing strategy to add exclusivity to your offer. Try using high urgency phrases like “first 100 people only”, “today only”, and “special discount on signups with this link ” to get action from your followers or readers.

6. Apply SEO to Blog

If you use a blog as a promotional medium for an affiliate marketing program, applying SEO is mandatory. Without good SEO, your blog will not experience additional organic traffic from search engine results.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog yet. You can learn how to create a blog to start your business in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Program

There are many affiliate marketing programs that you can join. Here is a list of the best affiliate marketing program providers:

Godaddy has an affiliate marketing program that you can join with very attractive commissions! If you are a bloggerinfluencer, or website owner, we will be happy to work with you. Check how to register here: Godaddy Affiliate Program.



Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing programs are one of the best options for generating additional passive income from the internet. In addition to fairly large income potential, you can also run affiliate marketing as a side job without the need to sacrifice full-time work time.

If you want to promote affiliate products or services through a blog, don’t forget to use the best hosting service from Godaddy so that your website is always safe, fast, and reliable. Greetings online success!

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