How to delete google application history on iphone Step by Step 2021


How to delete google application history on iPhone Step by Step 2021 – The Google app on iOS, as well as its official search app, offers a neat way to search and keep yourself in the loop for anything that might interest you. It also provides a very personalized user experience on your iPhone. The app seamlessly collects and collates your activities under the hood. The good, useful, customized information cards in your feed won’t show up on their own.

How to delete google application history on iphone Step by Step
How to delete google application history on iphone Step by Step

Best Ways to delete google application history on iPhone Step by Step 2021

However, you may not be interested in showing specific activity while performing a search or as an update to the Google app feed. Also, if you share your iOS device with other people, things can get very complicated, especially when it comes to activities of a private nature.

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So without further ado, let’s start by deleting locally stored activity, move on to clearing your history from Google’s servers, and then finish by clearing Google’s app cache.

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How to delete google application history on iPhone

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Clear History On Device

Regardless of whether you are signed in to the Google app or not, a record of your previous searches and visited websites is always on your iPhone. It’s done to come up with suggestions faster when doing similar activities but can be very detrimental to your privacy.

There are several ways to get rid of your browsing history – either by deleting individual searches/websites visited or deleting your browsing history entirely.

Note: If you sign in to a Google app, your browsing activity is also copied to Google’s servers. The next section provides specific details on how to delete the history stored online.

Clear History by Activity

Deleting activities individually is quite useful if all you want to do is delete certain searches or sites that are private. While you can remove it from Recent Searches while typing a query in the Google app (swipe left on an item and tap the Trash icon), the following method displays all locally stored history, allowing you to delete unwanted activities in your spare time.

Step 1: Tap the gear-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the Google app to open the Settings panel.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down to the section labeled Privacy, then tap on History.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

Step 3: Tap View Device History.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

Step 4: Swipe the item you want to delete to the left, then tap Delete. Repeat for other activities you may want to delete.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

Deleted searches or visited websites will not immediately appear at the top of the suggestions list anymore when searching through the Google app.

Clear History Completely

If you want to delete all search and website visit history from your iPhone, the following steps show you how to do it.

Step 1: On the Settings panel of the Google app, tap History, then tap Clear Device History.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

Step 2: Tap Clear On-Device History again on the confirmation pop-up box.

How to delete google application history on iPhone

All previous browsing history should no longer appear when performing any kind of search.

Clear History from Google Server

If you are signed in to your Google Account, then the Google app also transmits your activity and logs it on Google’s servers. While clearing the history on the device helps stop past activity from showing up while performing searches, your personalized feed is not affected because the app uses what’s recorded online for that purpose.

Therefore, you also need to delete unwanted browsing history from your Google Account. The app offers two ways to do that – specific activities using keywords or large amounts of recorded history with the help of preset/custom timeframes.

Note: This app also shows browsing activity done using Google Search which is done via web browser as well.

Specific Activities Using Keywords

The Google app lets you check all recorded activity and delete selected items immediately. But unlike on-device history, the app creates a separate list each time an activity is performed, which means that you have to delete multiple entries at once. To keep this process from being tedious and time-consuming, you can use keywords to filter your history.

Step 1: After tapping on History from within the Settings panel of the Google app, tap on My Activity.

Specific Activities Using Keywords

Step 2: You will now see the My Activity screen of the Google app, which lists all the browsing activity performed using Google Search starting from the current date.

Just enter a keyword into the search box and tap Return/Enter, and you’ll see a matching activity appear below it.

Specific Activities Using Keywords

All filtered browsing history can be deleted in one go – tap the ellipsis icon (three dots) next to the Search bar, then tap Delete Results in the menu that appears.

Delete Activities with Timeframe

The Google app also lets you delete the browsing history stored on its servers using custom or predefined periods. There is also a setting to delete recorded history in its entirety. However, keep in mind that deleting all activity will stop the app from providing a personalized experience until it relearns your browsing patterns from scratch. Do that only if you have a lot of private searches coming from a long period of time which you are better off deleting.

Step 1: On the My Activity screen, tap the ellipsis icon next to the search bar (without entering anything in it), then tap Delete Activity By.

Delete Activities with Timeframe

Step 2: Select a timeframe using the pull-down menu under Delete By Date. Alternatively, you can set a custom duration with the two additional menus further below. Tap Delete to delete all browsing history included in the specified time.

Delete Activities with Timeframe

Tip: To delete all browsing history, use the All-Time option on the Delete By Date menu.

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Clear Cache Cookies

The Google app also lets you sign in to sites just like you would in a normal browser. And it also reminds you of your next visit, which means that this app allows websites to store cookies locally on your device. Therefore, it can create security issues when handing over your device to someone else.

Furthermore, sites may also place cookies that can track your browsing activity, thus posing a major threat to user privacy. However, you can clear this cached data easily.

Step 1: On the History pane, tap on the option labeled Clear Third Party Cookies.

Here's How to Erase What Google Records About You

Step 2: On the confirmation pop-up box, tap Clear Third Party Cookies again to clear the Google app cache.

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Note: After deleting your cookies, any sites you previously logged in will ask you to log back in.

Bonus Tip – Stop Recording History

Instead of deleting your browsing activity, there are other ways to stop the Google app from remembering previous searches. The first method involves turning off the toggle next to On-Device History, which is located under History in the Settings panel. This asks the app to stop recording your browsing activity locally.

Bonus Tip - Stop Recording History

However, your activity is still logged into your Google Account if you are signed in, which means that your personalized feed is affected. And it doesn’t stop cookies from being stored on your device indefinitely.

The second method is much more convenient – The incognito mode. Enable it from the Settings panel, and no activity will be recorded locally or online. The browser even deletes web cookies automatically after you exit the mode. To enable browsing and browsing in Incognito, tap your profile icon, then tap Turn On Incognito.

This mode works similarly to the Incognito tab in the Google Chrome web browser. Don’t forget to make the most of it whenever you’re looking for something very personal.

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Privacy is maintained

The Google app is a phenomenal addition to the iPhone, leveraging Google’s advanced search algorithm to generate useful feeds, and rarely disappoints when it comes to what comes up. But not all searches are ideal from a privacy point of view, and you now know what to do just in case you do an activity that doesn’t reflect well on you. And don’t forget to use Incognito mode to save yourself some trouble next time.

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