How to Flash a Samsung cellphone 2021


How to Flash Samsung cellphones- we know, Samsung is a well-known brand. However, it is possible that Samsung’s cellphones can experience problems and can only be solved by flashing.

How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
How to Flash a Samsung cellphone

Best Way to Flash a Samsung cellphone 2021

The problems include boot loop, continuous restart, several functions, and error menus, until completely dead.

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If your Samsung phone experiences this, then flash is indeed the right way to fix it.

How to Flash a Samsung cellphone

Here, Berakal presents two ways to flash, namely via a PC and without a PC.

Well, the method below can be applied to various types of Samsung cellphones. Both on Samsung J1 ace, J2 Prime, Galaxy V, and other types.

1. Flash Samsung cellphone via PC

First, Intellect will discuss how to flash a Samsung cellphone via a PC.

You need to know, flashing with the help of a PC can provide maximum results.

However, you need to prepare several things such as the following before entering the flashing stage:

  1. Back up all important data on your phone. Because the flashing process can erase all data contained in the internal memory.
  2. Make sure the phone battery is charged, at least 50% and above.
  3. PC or laptop with Windows operating system.
  4. Prepare the original data cable or a data cable with good quality.
  5. Download the firmware that matches your Samsung cellphone type.
  6. Download Samsung USB Drivers.
  7. Download the Odin software.

After you have prepared all the necessary materials, you can now start flashing.

How to flash all types of Samsung phones:

  1. First, install the Samsung USB Driver that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Don’t forget to extract the firmware file.
  3. Next, install the Odin application on your PC or laptop. After successfully installed, please run the application.
  4. Then, turn off the Samsung cellphone and enter Download Mode. To do this, press and hold the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  5. After successfully logging in, release the three buttons and do not press any buttons.
  6. Next, connect the cellphone to the PC via the data cable that you have prepared. Please wait until the computer or laptop successfully detects the cellphone.
  7. After that, press Volume Up.How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
  8. If detected in Odin, a display like the following image will appear.How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
  9. After that, look for the Firmware that you extracted earlier. Generally, the firmware will have a .tar md5 extension after extracting it.
  10. Then, enter the firmware in the Odin software. To do this, click the AP button and select a file with the .tar md5 extension.
  11. Also, make sure you have enabled the Auto Reboot and  F. Reset Time options.
  12. If so, please click the Start menu to start the flashing process.How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
  13. At this point, the flashing process is in progress.How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
  14. If successful, a PASS! notification will appearon the Odin software.
  15. How to Flash a Samsung cellphone
  16. Later, the cellphone will reboot or restart automatically.

2. Flash Samsung cellphone without PC

The second way is to do flashing without using a PC or laptop.

This method is very useful for those of you who do not allow using a PC.

How to flash Samsung without PC:

  1. As before, make sure you have backed up the data on your Samsung phone.
  2. Also, make sure the cellphone battery has been charged more than 50%.
  3. After that, move the firmware file that you have downloaded to the external memory.
  4. You can put the file in the initial directory, without being put in a folder.
  5. Remember, the firmware file used is in the form of rar or zip. So, you don’t need to extract the file.
  6. Next, insert the external memory containing the firmware into the Samsung phone.
  7. If so, please enter Recovery Mode. The trick, turn on the cellphone by pressing and holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  8. After successfully entering Recovery Mode, release the button. Here, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are used for navigation, while the Power button is used for selection.
  9. Please select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. This is so that the system on the cellphone returns to its original state.
  10. If so, go back to the main menu. Then, select Install zip from SD Card or Apply update from external storage.2. Flash Samsung cellphone without PC
  11. Next, locate the firmware file that you have saved on the external memory. When it is found, tap Yes.
  12. Please wait until the process is complete. If so, you can choose a reboot system now to end it.2. Flash Samsung cellphone without PC
  13. Done, the phone has been successfully flashed.

Those are 2 ways to flash a Samsung cellphone that you can do independently, either by using a PC or without a PC.

However, Intellect itself recommends flashing with the help of a PC. Because the results obtained will be maximized.

Also make sure you do it correctly in every step in the above method. Because if just one step, maybe the flashing process will fail.

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