How to Flash Andromax G2, 2021


How to Flash Andromax G2, 2021-When our Andromax G2 AD681H has problems such as boot loop, slowness, hangs, or other problems, we can fix it ourselves without taking it to a cellphone service center but simply by flashing Andromax G2 which we will discuss now.

How to Flash Andromax G2
How to Flash Andromax G2

How to Flash Andromax G2, 2021

Uniquely, unlike the Asus Zenfone 5 flash method, which displays a complete recovery menu, this Andromax G2 cellphone only has 2 menus displayed, namely the wipe data/cache menu and then reboot the system.

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We deliberately provide a way to flash Andromax G2 using a PC and without a PC so that you can choose which method is the most comfortable to run.

How to Flash Andromax G2 via PC

Precisely we will take advantage of the QFIL application ( Qualcomm Flash Image Loader ) which we happened to have discussed in the previous article about  How to Flash Using QFIL. So if later you have difficulty during the flash Andromax G2 process, you can handle it.

Materials that need to be prepared:

  • QFIL/QPST application.
  • Qualcomm USB drivers.
  • Andromax G2 firmware.
  • SD Card/Memory Card.

Steps to flash andromax g2 with pc:

How to Flash Andromax G2 via PC

  1. Turn off the cellphone and remove the sd card.
  2. Extract all the software above if it has been downloaded.
  3. Install the Qualcomm USB driver application and QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader).
  4. Then open the Andromax G2 firmware folder (the extract earlier), and copy the 4 files in the Switch EDL folder to the SD card
  5. Reinstall the sd card that was removed and Andromax G2 will not turn on (still off).
  6. The function of these files is to activate  Emergency Download Mode.
  7. Connect Andromax G2 AD681H to the computer with a USB cable (make sure the cable is of good quality).
  8. When the driver is installed correctly, Device Manager will appear with the name Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008.
  9. Open the QFIL Tool application.
  10. Then press the Browse button and go to the andromax g2 firmware folder, then select the prog_emmc_firehose_8x10.mbn file and press Open.How to Flash Andromax G2 via PC
  11. It’s time to click Load XML and select rawprogram_unsparse.xml and then Patch0.xml
  12. Finally, click the blue Download button and wait until the Andromax G2 AD681H flash process is complete. It usually takes 6-11 minutes and doesn’t let the USB cable disconnect.
  13. When finished, remove the USB cable and SD Card. Delete 4 files on the SD Card that were previously used for flash, so that the SD card can be used again.

How to Flash Andromax G2 Without PC

Display the default recovery menu from andromax g2:

How to Flash Andromax G2 Without PC

Necessary materials:

  • Stock Rom ad681h kitkat v.4.4.
  • Additional CWM file:
  • Minimum 50% battery.

Steps to flash andromax g2 via sd card:

  1. Turn off Andromax G2 and remove the SD Card.
  2. The downloaded material is inserted into the SD Card (please empty the memory card first) and two files.How to Flash Andromax G2 Without PC
  3. Two files besides NIX7 are additional recovery files to bring up the apply update from sd card menu in the recovery menu.
  4. Install memory on the cellphone.
  5. Enter the recovery menu by pressing the power button + volume up simultaneously.
  6. Just release the power button and leave the volume up button until the recovery menu appears.How to Flash Andromax G2 Without PC
  7. You can see that the recovery menu is complete as usual.
  8. Select wipe data/factory reset (using volume to move and power to select).
  9. Select Yes–delete all user data.
  10. Wait until the wipe is complete.
  11. Then wipe cache partition.
  12. The wipe process starts and waits.
  13. \\\\\\\
  14. Then select (stock room earlier) and the installation process will run.¥How to Flash Andromax G2 Without PC
  15. When finished please reboot andromax G2
  16. Usually, the loading process takes a while, so please be patient

Easy isn’t it?  So, for example, if you have friends whose cellphones are damaged, tell them that you shouldn’t take them to a cellphone service center. But first, try various ways on the internet to be more efficient on expenses.

Finally, if your friend’s cellphone with the Lenovo brand type A319 is damaged, either boot loop or something else. You can also read  How to Flash Lenovo A319 with the 3 successful ways we discussed earlier.

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