How to Flash Coolpad E501 2021


How to Flash Coolpad E501 – It is undeniable, flash is a powerful way to restore cellphone performance as before, one of which is on the Coolpad Sky E501 cellphone.

How to Flash Coolpad E501
How to Flash Coolpad E501

Best Ways to Flash Coolpad E501 2021

So, when the performance of the cellphone feels heavy or slow, you can do flashing as a solution.

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In addition, problems such as forgetting to forget, boot loop, restart continuously, until it freezes can also be overcome with the flash method.

Before starting, make sure you have support material to flash.

Materials needed

  • Download Firmware Coolpad Sky E501
  • Download YGDP Flashtool (OS 4.4 KitKat)
  • Download Android USB Driver
  • PC or laptop with Windows operating system
  • Coolpad Sky E501 original or built-in USB cable (if possible)
  • The phone battery is at least 70%, aiming to avoid flash failure due to running out of power

You need to know, the flash process can erase all data on the phone.

For that, if possible, please do a backup first.

How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool

After all the materials are ready, please follow the Coolpad Sky E501 flash method as follows.

However, make sure you are accompanied by an expert if you have never flashed before.

Immediately, here’s how:

  1. First, extract the firmware file. You need to know, this firmware only applies to Coolpad phones with OS 4.4 KitKat.
  2. Extract also YGDP Flashtool.
  3. Next, install the Android USB Driver that you downloaded earlier on your PC or laptop.
  4. Next, open the extracted YGDP_Setup_V5.00 folder. Please find the YGDP.exe file → right click → select Run as administrator.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  5. When the software is open, please select the Developer option and click Login. If prompted for a password, please type “ 369 ” or “ 9527 ”.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  6. If you successfully log in, you will be presented with the YGDP software display. Here, please select the Config menu located at the top left.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  7. Then the Download Configuration tab will appear, please find the firmware file ( .cpb extension ) that you extracted earlier. If you have found it, please click Open.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  8. After that, please click Apply at the bottom of the Download Configuration window. Wait for the file to load successfully.
  9. At this point, please connect your Coolpad E501 to your PC via a USB cable for flashing.
  10. To do this, turn off your cellphone first. Then, press the Volume UP button while connecting the phone to the PC.
  11. If a notification appears ” Download and Install the Package? “Please just press the Volume Up button.
  12. If the phone is completely connected, proceed to start the flash process. To do this, click Cell 2 or the one marked with an arrow as shown below and click Start.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  13. If successful, it will be marked with a Cell column indicating the flash process is running.
  14. Wait until the percentage reaches 100% or is green.How to Flash Coolpad Sky E501 via YGDP Flashtool
  15. Finally, just unplug the USB cable and try to turn on the phone.

The first time you turn on your phone it can take between 5-10 minutes. So, please just wait.

By following the Coolpad Sky E501 flash method as above, it is very likely that your phone can return to normal.

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