How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace 2021


How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace – Some of the problems that befall the Samsung J1 Ace can be solved by flashing.

How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace
How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace

Best Way to Flash Samsung J1 Ace 2021

These problems can be in the form of boot loop, forgetting patterns, to even worse, completely dead.

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Apart from these problems, flashing can also be used to simply refresh the phone.

How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace SM-J110G via Odin

Here, Intellect will explain two ways to flash, namely via PC and without PC.

You need to know, the flash process can erase all data.

If possible, please do a backup first on the data that is considered important.

To flash via PC, you need to prepare some materials such as the following:

  • Download Firmware Samsung J1 Ace SM-J100G
  • Download Samsung USB Drivers
  • Download Odin Flashtool
  • PC or laptop with Windows operating system
  • Original data cable or Samsung J1 Ace default (if possible)
  • The phone battery has been charged at least 70%, aiming to avoid flashing failure due to running out of power

Well, after all the ingredients are ready, follow the way to flash the Samsung J1 Ace as follows.

  1. First, install the Samsung USB Driver that you downloaded. Aims so that the PC can recognize the phone.
  2. Also, install the Odin flash tool. If so, please open the software.
  3. Extract the Firmware file that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Next, turn off your Samsung J1 Ace. Here, please press and hold the Power + Home + Volume Down button.How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace SM-J110G via Odin
  5. If a warning notification appears, ignore the warning. Please continue by pressing the Volume UP button to enter download mode.
  6. Then, connect your phone with PC via USB cable. Wait until the phone is successfully detected.
  7. Switch to Odin, make sure the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time sections are checked.
  8. Still in the Odin software, please look for the Samsung J1 Ace firmware file in the AP section. Usually, it is marked with the extension MD5.
  9. If so, please click Start to start the Flash process.How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace SM-J110G via Odin
  10. Finally, please wait for the flash process to be successful.

Later, your Samsung J1 Ace will reboot automatically.

How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace SM-J110G without PC

Setting up and using phone screen in the Your Phone

The method is:

  1. First, save the downloaded firmware or custom ROM to the SD Card. Leave the extension .zip or .rar (without extracting).
  2. Next, save it in the initial directory, no need to put it in a folder.
  3. Then, turn on the cellphone by pressing the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.How to Flash Samsung J1 Ace SM-J110G without PC
  4. Next, please enter the Wipe data or factory reset menu and select Yes.
  5. Wait until the process is complete. It aims to restore the condition of the cellphone to its initial settings.
  6. If so, go to the start menu and install the zip from SD Card. Please enter the firmware folder that you saved earlier.
  7. Finally, just tap Yes. Wait until the process is complete and your phone will reboot automatically.

Well, in flashing, make sure you are accompanied by an expert so that the flashing process can run smoothly.

Those are 2 ways you can do to flash the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace, either via PC or without a PC.

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