How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptops and Computers/PCs


How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptops and Computers/PCs – Take note of the complete guide on how to Install Windows 11 on the latest Laptop or Computer / PC in 2021, you must try it and it’s easy for you to apply right now.

How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptops and ComputersPCs
How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptops and ComputersPCs

How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptops and ComputersPCs

Microsoft has made several system updates on Windows, starting from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 10, and the last Windows 11. You can imagine what the system on Windows 11 looks like, of course, it will be more sophisticated, fast, and anti-loading.

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Convenience is one of the services that must be abandoned by one of these Windows 11 developers, it’s a good idea before the launch to be given a complete guide on installing Windows 11 on a Laptop or Computer / PC so that it is easier for users to practice it.

Windows 11 has a more elegant, simple appearance and is certainly suitable for those of you who work in the office or can be used for students and students to study or others.

What is provided in Windows 11?

One of them is UI changes, including rounded corners, colored icons, new wallpapers, and many additional features that can spoil users.

For those of you who are still using Windows 10, you can migrate to Windows 11, because it is guaranteed to satisfy you in your activities using a PC or Laptop.

You need to know before deciding to migrate from previous Windows to Windows 11 it can only be done on Windows 10 with 64-bit and for now, you can’t migrate Windows 10 32-bit to Windows 11.

However, it needs to be reminded again to install Windows 11 on your Laptop / PC, you must first make sure that the migration process is successful, then you must create a Bootable USB drive, after creating a Bootable USB drive has been completed, the next step you can install Windows 11 into Laptops / PCs.

Quoted from from the YouTube channel here is a complete guide on How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptop/ PC via a Bootable USB drive, follow the steps below, namely:

1. The first step you have to do is restart your computer and press the Boot button continuously, then your boot key is usually F8, F9, Esc, F12, F10, Delete, and so on.

2. The next step, on the Laptop/ PC screen, a Boot screen will appear, select Boot from USB Drive or the USB Hard Drive option.

3. Now, the next Windows 11 installation will begin. The first thing you do here is set the language, time, and keyboard, then after you finish setting it up, then you click the Next button.

4. Next on your new page click the Install Now option.

5. The next step, you click on I don’t have a product key, then there is a new page, select the Windows 11 edition.

6. On the new page, click the ‘Custom’ option. How to install windows 11

7. Next you select the partition menu. The partition is the place used to install Windows 11.

8. Next, click the ‘Next button. Then, wait until Windows 11 finishes the installation process.

9. The next stage, after completing the Windows 11 installation process, the Laptop or PC will restart.

10. Then all you have to do is look at the Windows 11 OOBE setup screen, then read the on-screen instructions, and complete the setup process.

11. Next, after the process is complete, Windows 11 will adjust to the new system on your PC or Laptop.

12. The last step, wait for the Windows 11 installation process to complete. Good luck!

Complete Guide How to Install Windows 11 on the Latest Laptop/ PC Can Watch Video: Click Here

Note for those of you who decide to install Windows 11 on your own laptop or PC without the help of experts, you must first backup files that are considered important before starting to install Windows 11. After that, you can perform the Windows 11 process on a Laptop or PC / Computer.

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