How to Open a Locked PDF File 2021


How to Open a Locked PDF File 2021 – friends must have found a PDF file that was locked because it was given a password by the owner. The locked PDF file is meant to restrict access to a document. So, how to open a locked PDF file?

How to Open a Locked PDF File
How to Open a Locked PDF File

How to Open a Locked PDF File 2021

There are many reasons why PDF files can be locked, one of which is so that the document cannot be changed/edited so that it is not easily misused by other parties.

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PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format for important documents containing images, text, or other content. There are many ways to open a locked pdf that can be searched on the internet. The following is a more detailed explanation of how to open a locked pdf.

Application List Open PDF

Before knowing how to open a locked PDF, it’s a good idea to first know the list of applications to open PDF files, including:

1. Foxit PDF Reader

This application is one of the most popular PDF reading software on PCs. The user interface is very easy to understand. If you often use Microsoft Office, you will be familiar with the appearance of this Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader features merge PDF files, Convert PDF to other files, and other functions.

2. Nitro Reader

Almost the same as Foxit Reader, Nitro Reader is also an application for opening PDF files which are quite popular for PCs or laptops.

Some of the excellent features of Nitro Reader are editing PDF files, locking PDF files, converting files and you can even do digital signatures through this software.

3. SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF also has the ability to open PDF files. Its very light size of only 5 MB is an advantage because it is practical, and does not take up much space on the PC.

Performance is also fast with unlimited features including reading PDFs, editing notes, to digital signatures.

4. Microsoft 365

By using Microsoft Office 365 software you can not only open PDF files but also can edit to add content needed to accommodate the work. This application is also very good for sharing files between employees because it is integrated with cloud technology so that it can be accessed from anywhere. If interested, you can get the official license of Microsoft365 at via the following link. Click here.

Reasons People Lock PDF Files

Reasons People Lock PDF Files
Opening PDF Files

Many questions regarding the reason why people lock PDF files. Broadly speaking, the reason is to limit who can access the PDF file for security and confidentiality. But in more detail, there are 4 reasons people lock PDF files, namely:

1. So that PDF files cannot be plagiarized

The first reason is about copyright. Some people who design locked PDF files really aim that the PDF document cannot be opened so that it cannot be plagiarized. The person maintains the originality of the PDF file he created.

2. So that PDF Files Can’t Be Edited

In this modern era, people can change without permission important documents for irresponsible personal gain. So locking PDF files is intended so that PDF files cannot be changed or edited.

3. Preventing Misuse of Digital Signatures

In PDF, there is a digital signature feature that can indeed be included by the creator of the PDF file. For security reasons, the author locks the PDF file to prevent its signature from being misused by irresponsible parties.

4. Restricting File Access

Back again to the rice line, the reason people lock their PDF files is to limit who can access the file, for example, when submitting assignments in PDF form. To avoid cheating, you choose to lock your PDF file

How to Lock PDF Files

How to Lock PDF Files
how to lock a PDF file

Follow these steps to lock your PDF file:

– First of all, use a PDF file opener application on your PC or laptop, such as Foxit PDF Reader

– Select and open the PDF file that you want to lock or password-protect.

– Then hover over the File menu, click the option.

– Then select the Security option> Open Password> Assign a Strong Password

– Fill in the password you want, Choose a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers for stronger protection.

– Click Build, Done.

How to Open a Locked PDF

Previously, you should know that the locked PDF file has two types of passwords. The first key consists of a permission password (user locked), which is the key that prohibits other people from editing your PDF file.

Then there is also an open password lock (owner locked), where this lock prevents others from opening your PDF file. For the owner-locked type lock, there is no other way to open the PDF file except the owner of the original PDF file.

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As for the user-locked type, the way to open a locked PDF is with the help of online sites and third-party applications. Here are some online sites to open locked PDFs.

These include,,,,, and The way these sites work in opening locked pdf files is quite uniform, namely by processing new PDF files without a password to open them.

For example, here are the steps to open a locked PDF file on the site:

  • First, enter the address into the address bar on your laptop or PC browser.
  • After logging into the page of the site, select a PDF file to upload to the site. Select ‘choose files’. Check the agreement section with the option ‘I agree to the Terms of Service Below’.
  • The PDF file to be unlocked has been uploaded, then select ‘Unlock’
  • The Unlock PDF process is running, wait until the process is complete.
  • After that, you will get a download link for the PDF file that has been unlocked.


How to Unlock a locked PDF we have discussed above. You can practice it yourself through the sites we have recommended above. Not only on a PC, but opening a locked PDF can also be done on a smartphone or mobile, making it much more practical and can be done from anywhere.

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