How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer Step by Step 2021


How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer Step by Step 2021 – Losing important files on the computer can indeed make you panic. But you can get over that. There are many ways to recover deleted files. In this article, we will provide some of them.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer Step by Step
How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer Step by Step

How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer Step by Step 2021

However, before we really give some alternative ways to backup deleted data, let’s first know what really happens when you can’t find your files on your computer.

Where Did My Files Go?

Regardless of the cause of the loss of files on your computer, all deleted/deleted files will be temporarily stored in a specific location.

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So, the file you are looking for is moved by your computer device to one place which is on your hard drive. So that way your computer can actually still read the file you are looking for. Well, the next time there is a new file that is permanently deleted in the Recycle Bin takes up hard disk space, then the previous file is completely lost or cannot be restored again.

This is what you hope for, hopefully, the files you need are not eliminated because of the limited computer hard drive space.

How to Restore Deleted Files on a Laptop or Computer

Here are various ways to find lost files on a laptop. Please take a look!

If you have read our previous explanation part, you must have understood that this conventional way to restore deleted files on PCs and laptops is the very first step you have to do.

You can open the recycle bin on your computer. Here are the details on how to conventionally search for deleted files:

  • Click the trash can icon or image on your desktop
  • Find the file you need, try to remember the file name, and type it in the Search field
  • If you have found it, try right-clicking and then clicking the “Restore” option to restore the file

If you have done some of the steps above, Windows will automatically restore the deleted file to the place where you put it. This first step is very easy to do but the challenge is that you then have to remember where you put the file.

Regarding accessing the Recycle Bin, if you really can’t find it on your desktop, you may have hidden it by accident. If this happens, you just right-click on any area on your desktop and then right-click. After right-clicking, try clicking the “Show and Hide” option, then a checkmark will appear next to the words of the option. Automatically, after that step, your Recycle Bin returns to the desktop as before.

There is one more conventional way that you can do. The way to restore deleted files on the laptop is to check your backup hard drive. Computer and laptop users who have important files usually have that one hard disk. So, if there is data loss or data loss, you don’t have to bother looking for the file. Just access the backup hard drive you have.

As a form of prevention, you can also use cloud drive services. So to find out more about it, please read the following article:

Get to know Nextcloud Private Cloud Storage

How to Create a Private Cloud Storage

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If all the conventional methods don’t work to restore your data, try reading how to find lost documents on the next laptop!

Using Recuva Software

Actually, there are much other free software that you can use to find documents that have been deleted from your computer. But this time we will show you how to restore deleted data on a computer with Recuva software!

  1. Download Recuva using your computer!
  2. Try right-clicking then press/click and hold (hold) so you can ‘extract’.
  3. After you have extracted it, please open the existing Recuva folder and select the option that matches your computer’s specifications. Recuva.exe is a file for computers that use 32-bit systems. Meanwhile, Recuva64.exe makes computers run on 64-bit systems.
  4. Then, Recuva can be opened via the Wizard. Follow all the steps (steps) proposed by the Wizard. Then you open Recuva by clicking the option that says “Next.”
  5. If so, Recuva can give you a choice about the type of file you want to restore. Try clicking the option that says “All Files”. Now if you select that option, you can restore all types of files, from email, photos, videos, and all kinds of others.
  6. Click the option that says “Next”.
  7. In the next step, Recuva will ask for the location or where to save the lost file that you are looking for. If indeed you forget, you select the option “I am not sure.” However, if you remember the previous storage location, click the “In a specific location” option then browse to the location of the lost file. After that, click “Next.”
  8. Click “Start” and wait for the installation process to take place.
  9. The “Welcome to the Recuva Wizard” menu will appear, this program will persuade you to install another application called CCleaner. If you really don’t need and don’t want to install CCleaner or other applications that are offered, just uncheck all the checkboxes in the menu.
  10. Now try to open the Recuva Wizard from your computer, then choose what type of file you want to restore later, whether it’s an image or video file or something else. Then click “Next”.
  11. Now try to determine where the deleted file is stored so that you can speed up the process of finding the lost file you are looking for.
  12. If you are sure of the place, click “Next”. If not, try clicking “I’m Not Sure”. This can help Recuva sort files in all computer locations, although it does take a long time.
  13. To start the search process, try checking the column next to the option that says “Enable Deep Scan”, and click “Start”. Here it will take a little longer, but you have to be patient so that your files can be found by Recuva.
  14. If all the sorting results appear, just choose directly which file you want to restore. How to check the column in the files you want to restore. Finally, try right-clicking and selecting the option that says “Recover Highlighted”, end by clicking on the option that says “Recover”.


By reading this article, you will know how to restore deleted files on your computer. Are you helped? Submit a question in the comments column if you have problems.

thank you.

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