How to Root Android with PC [2023]


How to Root Android with PC – KingRoot Android (PC Version) provides a one-click method for rooting any type of Android.

How to Root Android with PC
How to Root Android with PC

How to Root Android with PC

Actually, you can also root without a PC, and we have reviewed that method in the article on how to root Android without a PC.

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But if you really want to do it via PC, here are the preparations you need to do before rooting:

  • Hp battery at least 50%.
  • Smooth Internet connection.
  • Original USB Cable.

Next please follow the steps below:

1. Download and Install KingoRoot

Download and install KingoRoot on PC with one click.

How to Root Android with PC2. Open KingoRoot

Open kingoRoot by double-clicking on the KingoRoot icon, then a display like an image below will appear.

How to Root Android with PC3. Connect Android with PC

If you don’t have the driver then KingoRoot will automatically install it for you.

Make sure you have an internet connection so the drivers can be downloaded automatically.

If you are a Windows 8 user, maybe you will change some settings to run the installation process on a PC.

How to Root Android with PC

4. Enable USB Debugging

USB debugging is very important for the process of How to Root Android Via PC, it is used so that your Android is detected by the PC.

Tap OK on the pop-up that appears when enabling USB Debugging.

How to Root Android with PC

5. Read Warnings

Read the warnings carefully before rooting to avoid unwanted things.

Rooting has some risks that you may not want to take into account, so pay attention to each of the steps we provide.

How to Root Android with PC

6. Click Root

Click ROOT to start the rooting process, wait until the rooting process is complete, in the process of rooting your device has been rebooted several times.

No need to worry or worry that it indicates the rooting process is running, it is recommended not to touch or move the device while this process is taking place.How to Root Android with PC

7. Root Success

If the Root Success notification appears, it indicates that you have successfully rooted your Android.

Operate after the device finishes booting to avoid it on its own.

How to Root Android with PC

8. Check Root Status

If an application called SuperSU appears, it means that you have successfully rooted your device.

How to Root Android with PC

It turns out that how to root Android with a PC is easy, right? If you are confused, just ask in the comments column.

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