How To Root Realme 2 Pro Without PC (100% Working) 2021


How To Root Realme 2 Pro Without PC (100% Working) 2021 – In this article, I will show you how to root Realme 2 Pro without PC. And with easy step-by-step instructional tutorials on how to root. So, let’s jump right into the tutorial guide.

How To Root Realme 2 Pro Without PC (100% Working)
How To Root Realme 2 Pro Without PC (100% Working)

How To Root Realme 2 Pro Without PC (100% Working) 2021

Realme, a relative newcomer to the smartphone market, actually allows users to unlock the bootloader of their device. This strategy has made Realme devices quite desirable for third-party mod developers.

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Taking advantage of this, TeamWin has also released an official custom recovery for the Realme 2 Pro. Furthermore, in turn, TWRP allows roots to be easily installed. Once rooted, you can try many root applications from the Play Store or implement the exclusive  Magisk Module.

Why should you Root Oppo Realme 2 Pro?

We have to thank the XDA- anabhi and TWRP Developer team for the root files. Without them, this method could not have happened. You have to have a good reason, and you know what you are doing. Yes, with at least 8 GB RAM and Snapdragon 660 processor, you can use this phone without root for 2-3 Years If you use it properly. Don’t root because everyone says when you root your phone it can be the fastest car in the world. Not. Rooting is extracting some performance from the device. But, you already have strong specs and software. So, If you are addicted to some root apps, you can root. But, if you want to test, I wouldn’t recommend it.

What Is Root?

Root or Rooting the device means you can now take full control of your Android device. After rooting, the smartphone has the ability to customize out of bounds. So, there are several benefits of rooting Realme 2 Pro. So, let’s see what the benefits are.

What Are the Advantages or Benefits of Root?

Well, here are some of the advantages of rooting on the Realme 2 Pro Android phone:

  1. First of all, the user is in control of the phone.
  2. And also customize the user interface and control the CPU and GPU frequencies.
  3. There are also various  Mods available that can be downloaded for free.
  4. You can also,  Install Custom Roms on the phone.
  5. In conclusion,  you can customize the Realme 2 Pro Android phone indefinitely.

So above are some of the main benefits of rooting your Android smartphone. But is everything all right? NOT. Below are some of the drawbacks or drawbacks of rooting the phone.

Disadvantages of Root?

Now let’s look at some of the drawbacks of rooting an Android phone:

  1. First, the warranty does not apply after rooting the device.
  2. And your phone can be completely dead and unusable. (If something goes wrong)
  3. Also,  performance issues may arise due to a lack of optimization for a particular model.

So now that you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the root, Let’s have a look at the step-by-step tutorial on how to root realm 2 Pro without PC easily.

3 Ways to Root Realme 2 Pro without a PC

IMPORTANT Points before Root Realme 2 Pro:

  • First,  charge your cellphone Battery 50%. (to avoid distraction)
  • And make sure to  Unlock the bootloader before rooting.
  • Before root,  install TWRP Realme 2 Pro
  • This tutorial is only for rooting the Realme 2 Android smartphone.
  • is not responsible if there is a problem with your cellphone. Please do so at your own risk.

1. How to Root Realme 2 Pro without a PC with SuperSU

  • In this method, you must first install TWRP.
  • First of all,  Download the Super SU  Zip file and save it to the internal or external storage of Realme 2 Pro.
  • And now boot into TWRP Recovery or CWM recovery.
  • Next, you will see several options,  Tap on INSTALL or FLASH. Select SuperSU file from storage.
  • Click on confirm Flash or Swipe to flash.
  • That’s it after the process is successful,  tap on the reboot option. Now the phone will reboot.
  • Congratulations,  you have rooted. You will see the SuperSU application in the applications menu.
  • If TWRP or CWM recovery is still not available for your phone then don’t try to root your phone with this method. You can damage your device.
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2. How to root Realme 2 Pro without a PC with King Root

  • First, you need to download the KingRoot application on your Realme 2 Pro.
  • And then  Install the App on the phone. Also,  enable unknown sources in the settings menu.
  • And now open the application on your smartphone and click on the   “big button – No Root Permission”.
  • Don’t touch your screen while the process is in progress.
  • That’s it, your phone has root access now.
  • Try another method if the process fails to root your phone.

3. How to Root Realme 2 Pro without a PC with Magisk

  • First, you need  TWRP Recovery or  CWM Recovery to root via this method.
  • And also download the latest Magisk Zip File.
  • And now boot Realme 2 Pro into Recovery mode.
  • Then go to  Install> Select Magisk Zip File> Swipe to Install.
  • That’s it, finally,  the cellphone has root access via the MAGISK installation.
  • If TWRP or CWM is still not available for the device then don’t try to root your phone with this method. You can damage your device.

So, that’s it for a step-by-step tutorial, I hope this method helps you to root Realme 2 Pro without your PC successfully. And also if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below.

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