8 Ways to Open Sites Blocked by the Government (Positive Internet) [2022]


8 Ways to Open Sites Blocked by the Government (Positive Internet) [2022] – Although it seems negative, sites that are blocked by the government are not always dangerous or contain adult content. There are also useful sites like the Reddit forums which are also blocked. To be able to access it, you must know how to open blocked sites,

Ways to Open Sites Blocked by the Government
Ways to Open Sites Blocked by the Government

8 Ways to Open Sites Blocked by the Government (Positive Internet) [2022]

There are many ways to go about this. The most famous and easiest is to use a VPN application. So, you access the site but your IP address is not recognized. You can open the site because the IP address is disguised by using another country’s server.

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How to open a blocked site

1. Changing DNS to Cloudflare

DNS is a domain name system. When you make certain settings, you can still log in and visit websites that have been blocked. DNS needs to be replaced with Cloudfire to be able to access the web. The steps to change DNS to Cloudfire are:

  • Go to the Google Chrome browser because this step is effective for this web browser.
  • Fill in the link field with the addresses of sites that have been blocked or certain links that cannot be accessed due to blocking.
  • Hover to the right and click the vertical three dots.
  • Select the “privacy and security” option.
  • Click “use secure DNS”.
  • Select “secure DNS” by clicking on its icon until it turns blue.
  • Click “choose another provider”.
  • Click “Cloudfire”.
  • DNS status has been changed to Cloudflare.
  • Reopen the page that had been opened but was blocked.
  • Refresh page.
  • The website was successfully opened and visited freely and without limits.

2. Using AnonymoX. extension

AnonymoX is an option to open blocked sites for free and easily. This extension is very similar to a VPN except that it is used on PCs. How to use AnonymoX on Google Chrome you can follow the procedure below.

  • Open your Google Chrome, but don’t enter any link first.
  • Point the cursor to the top right and select the three dots that form a vertical.
  • Select “More tools”.
  • Select “extensions”.
  • The extensions menu has also been opened, then click “get more extensions”.
  • The page will go to the Chrome Web store.
  • Fill in “AnonymoX” in the search bar, then click enter.
  • The AnonymoX extension will exit, then click Add to Chrome.
  • Click add.
  • Anonymox will be installed in the Chrome browser.
  • Click the AnonymoX icon and enable it.
  • Select the server location.
  • Go to the blocked web address, then you will see that the site can be opened.

3. Using SSH (Secure Shell)

As the name suggests, SSH is one way to open blocked sites without fear of virus threats. SSH ensures that data exchange occurs securely. You can use SSH on mobile phones with an Android OS base as below.

  • Go to the fast ssh site at http://fastssh.com/
  • Select the INDIAN server by clicking continent > Asia > INDIA.
  • Create an SSH account by filling out the form.
  • Set up a username for web SSH and a password.
  • When finished creating an account, note down the host IP address that appears along with the username and password.
  • Install the KPNTunnel application on your cellphone.
  • After installation, go to settings and activate SSH Tunnel.
  • Fill in the host IP field as you got during account registration.
  • Enable auto-reconnect.
  • Fill in the URL www.bing.com.
  • Return to the main page, then click start.
  • You can start to open any website, including those that have been blocked.

4. Using the opera browser

One way to open blocked sites is to use Opera Browser. This application has advantages such as being equipped with a VPN. So, you no longer need to install a VPN through other applications. The method is as follows.

  • Download the Opera Browser which you can use both on a PC and on a laptop.
  • After successfully installed, open Opera Browser and wait for a while.
  • In the left column, look for the “settings” option.
  • On the settings page, look to the top right corner. Fill in the search bar with the word VPN.
  • The page will take you to the VPN settings in Opera Browser.
  • Slide the VPN option so that this feature becomes active.
  • Return to the main page of Opera Browser.
  • Start by filling in the blocked site link field.
  • This Opera Browser option is only offered on PCs or laptops, but not on applications on mobile phones.

5. Using the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is also a method that is no less popular to be able to access sites that have been blocked. This site can be visited by anyone and becomes a digital archive. It’s just that you can’t visit all the webs because not all of them are archived in the Wayback Machine.

  • Go to the site http://archive.org/web/.
  • At the top of the page there is a search bar, enter the website you want to search or visit.
  • Wayback Machine will display the archive in detail if available, starting from the date, month, to year.
  • Click the archive according to the date you want.
  • You can enjoy archives or content on blocked sites.

6. Using IP address

Some blocked sites usually display a warning when you enter a link in the form of a URL. But when you enter the IP, you can open the site. You can find the IP address so you can access the blocked website.

  • Open the PC in desktop mode, then click the Windows keyboard + R.
  • Type cmd.
  • Click OK.
  • The screen will bring up a command prompt
  • Type ping before typing blocked websites.
  • Click Enter.
  • The IP address of the blocked web will appear.
  • Copy the IP address.
  • Paste it into the link field.
  • You can freely access these blocked sites.

7. Using DNS servers

You can take advantage of the DNS features on your PC or laptop. So, you no longer need a particular application. For those of you who have problems with RAM memory, this is the best solution. How to open blocked sites using DNS are:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Networks.
  • Select Network & Internet.
  • Pilib Network & Sharing Center.
  • Right click Connection
  • Click Properties.
  • Click TVP/IPv4.
  • Select Use Following DNS Servers.
  • Type and
  • Click OK to save and exit settings.
  • You can access the blocked web via Chrome or Mozilla.

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8. Using proxy sites

Another way that is not less popular is to use a proxy site. You can access blocked sites either via PC or mobile. The application you use as a web browser is also free. Here’s how.

  • Enter the link http://croxyproxy.com/
  • The page will load a search bar. Fill in the blocked site link.
  • Press the Go!
  • Blocked sites will also be displayed on your page.

You can apply various ways to open the blocked sites above and adapt to your device. In general, you don’t always need a dedicated app like a VPN. By setting the web browser, you can enjoy content on blocked sites.

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