3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC Easily 2021


3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC Easily 2021 – turns out there is a lot with men only download the application root in Android, arguably 3 in this way is the easiest and fastest to make the smartphone Android you Rooted.

3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC Easily
3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC Easily

3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC Easily 2021

What is Root? The root is a condition where an android smartphone opens all read and write access to all directories and files included in the system, the term root actually originates from Linux but because Android is a descendant of Linux, the terms Root and Super User / SU are often used on Android.

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The Purpose of Root? The reason people do the Root on a smartphone Android varies, but the goal of most people is to be able to remove the default application, accelerating the Android smartphone, and customize the look of Android itself.

What are the negative effects of Root? Some things are a risk of doing Root on Android include: warranty becomes void, Android soft errors can cause a brick, and in the worst case of Android can be a total dead or hard brick.

If you already understand and understand everything about Root on Android, then it’s time for you to try it, and here are the steps to root Android without a PC:

Root Android without PC using FramaRoot

FramaRoot is the most widely used application for rooting Android without a PC

  1. First, download and install FramaRoot [ Download ]
  2. Run the FramaRoot application after the installation process is complete
  3. Then select Install SuperSU> then press Boromir as shown in the image below:Root Android without PC using FramaRoot
  4. After the process is complete, reboot your Android smartphone
  5. Congratulations, your Android is rooted.
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If the above method doesn’t work to root your Android, then you have to try the next method below:

Using Universal KingoRoot

Usually, KingoRoot is used via PC, but it turns out that there is also an APK version that can be used directly via an Android smartphone, here are the steps:

  1. Open your android smartphone browser> visit the address https://root-apk.kingoapp.com/kingoroot-download.htmRoot Android without PC using FramaRoot
  2. After the download is complete, immediately install it.
  3. After the installation is complete, run the application> press the One Click Root button then follow the process as shown in the following image:Using Universal KingoRoot
  4. Wait for the process to completeUsing Universal KingoRoot
  5. If when the process is complete you get a ROOT SUCCEEDED notification, then your android is successfully rooted

If you get a ROOT FAILED notification, then you can try the next method below:

Root Android Using iRoot

The iRoot application is also available for PC and Android, if you want to root via Android directly, then you have to download the APK version, here are the steps:

  1. Download and Install iRoot [ Download ]
  2. Then press the Root Now button > then wait until the rooting process is completeRoot Android Using iRoot
  3. Do a Reboot on your Android smartphone

If you have done the steps above, then proceed to the next step to ensure that your Android smartphone has been successfully rooted.

How to know if Android is rooted or not

Of course, after you try some of the methods above to root Android without a PC, you have to make sure that your Android smartphone has been rooted correctly, to find out, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Install the Root Checker application [ Download ]
  2. After the installation process is complete, then open the Root Checker application and wait a few moments until the display appears as below:How to know if Android is rooted or not
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If the root process you are doing is correct, then when you check with the Root Checker application, a green text will appear “Congratulation Root access is properly installed on this device”

Then what if the root that I have done doesn’t work? then you need to try how to root Android’s smartphone via PC, for which we will give the tutorial in a few moments, just wait in the How to> Smartphone section.


That is the tutorial on how to root Android without a PC that we can provide for you, if you experience problems or problems, please write down your complaints through the comments column located below this article.

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