5 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC [100% Test Work]


[100% Test Work] 5 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC – Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best mobile phone series from Samsung. Currently, Samsung remains consistent in maintaining the quality of each of its newest mobile phones. Because Samsung also still has a lot of fans from each of its smartphones among the crush of other smartphone vendors.

5 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC
5 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC 2021

To maximize the performance of an Android phone, root it on Android. What is root? The root is an effort made to penetrate the security system on Android which aims so that we as users have full access to our Android phones.

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Because we as normal android users are indeed limited to doing things outside the predetermined limits, for example, when you want to change the appearance of the status bar, you will not be allowed without rooting first. Now how to do the right root, here is the tutorial:5 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Without PC


5 Ways to root Samsung Galaxy S4 without PC

Using Kingroot

  • First, download the application at kingoapp.com. If later you are not allowed to install, the following is how to fix it, open the Settings menu => Security => Unknown sources (then tick).
  • Then you try to install the application again.
  • Before continuing, make sure your internet connection is running and the battery capacity is above 50%
  • Then open the Kingroot application earlier.
  • If the permission question appears, select “Yes” or “Allow”.
  • If a green OK appears then the flashing process is successful.
  • Then please restart your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Congratulations, the Root Process was successful.

Thank you.

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