Best Guide to Using the YouTube Community Tab for Marketing 2021


Best Guide to Using the YouTube Community Tab for Marketing 2021 – YouTube is there forever for what it feels like. And its value for customers who want to market their brand also continues to increase.

Best Guide to Using the YouTube Community Tab for Marketing
Best Guide to Using the YouTube Community Tab for Marketing

Best Guide to Using the YouTube Community Tab for Marketing 2021

In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers plan to use YouTube in their 2021 marketing strategy. Build a loyal community of  YouTube Customers sticking to your every word is one way to do this. The community tab on YouTube is a tool that creators can use to connect with their audience and market themselves, their brand, and any merchandise they plan to sell. Fans can interact with creator posts, comment, share and create a loyal community over time. Let’s discuss what exactly a community tab is and how it can be used as an effective marketing and branding strategy.

Basics of using community tabs

First things first. Your channel needs to have over 1000 subscribers in order for you to access the community tab. Once your channel passes this benchmark, it may take up to a week to appear.

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Once the communities tab is activated, you can start posting and interacting with your audience. To make a post in the community tab is easy. All you have to do is log in to YouTube, select upload at the top of the page, and then click the ‘Create a post’ tab. You have different options for organizing posts. You can write text posts, add videos, polls or GIFs. When done, click the post and you can go. Your YouTube subscribers will have access to your posts on their feeds and get notified every time you post.

How do I market Community Tabs?

Think of the community tab as an addition to your regular uploads – an additional way for you to interact with your audience and track their responses. Comments and likes on your community tabs are other metrics you can use to convince your social media brand to stand out and attract advertisers.

Tell your audience

First things first, you need to tell your audience about the existence of a community tab. You can create short, fast videos on your regular channel and ask fans and subscribers to use community tap to keep up with the latest developments.

Support other creators

You can interact with other creators ’community tabs to give more awareness to yourself, and over time, create a network of cross-channel promotions. The more people are aware of the existence of your community tab, the better. Older customers may also need to be notified to see updates on community channels. If you’re new to the community tab, your fans won’t think to get involved there. If you have a secondary channel, vlog or podcast, you can use the community tab to promote it as well.

Gather ideas and gather feedback

Use the YouTube community tabs to survey your audience, ask for suggestions for new videos, and feedback for old ones.

Teaser to promote your main video

Use the community tab to build anticipation for upcoming videos, update on progress, and let you know when videos will upload. Some YouTube creators do not follow the usual schedule. For people like that, a community tab is a great way to keep viewers on their side, apologize for delays, and get them to follow what’s going on in their lives. Share behind the scenes and a little news from your daily life. This is a great way to fill the time between uploads and make sure your audience doesn’t lose interest in your channel. And the algorithm doesn’t punish you by limiting views to your content.

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Promote your products and website

Use the community tab to promote your website, e-store, merchandise. If you’re a YouTube creator with an upcoming concert, use the community tab to direct customers to a link to purchase tickets. Use the community tab to inform customers about drops and new item designs.

Unwritten authenticity

Be creative and unmotivated when using your community tabs. Remember, viewers, are already watching edited, written, and polished content on your regular channel. Use the community tab to share your silly side, sense of humor, and weaknesses. Fans feel like they are your friends and family. Share updates on your life, parting, makeup, and even good news. And you’ll build a strong YouTube customer community that will survive the worst.

Reply to comments

Show your community that you love. Respect your favorite comments, answer questions and you’ll see the audience know you’re paying attention.

Pin the top comments

Post a very funny or interesting comment from your community above — maybe the comments of a YouTuber friend or an old customer. Your community will see it first when they review your community posts. And this is a way to keep the conversation going.

Promote collaborative videos

Share information and updates on highly anticipated collaborations with other YouTubers. Follow the progress of your fans. Maybe add a countdown clock to really increase the buzz. You can ask your coworkers to do the same on their channel, creating cross-channel promotions.


Use the community tab to shout out to long-term customers or even fellow creators. Use the @mention function to create fans. Special mentions are the best way to spread love and reinforce loyalty from your customers.

Share ‘members only’ posts

Some channels on YouTube offer channel memberships which are paid subscriptions to your channel to access exclusive content. Use the community tab to thank those exclusive customers for their loyalty using the community tab. In fact, you can use the community tab to create exclusive content live. Audiences who are engaged, satisfied and well cared for will keep coming back to get more. Other customers may be tempted to comment for the same exclusive benefits.

Host Q&A

Use the community tab feature to organize “ask me anything” style Q&A. Creators may not reply to or engage with all comments about their video uploads. By informing the audience in advance on the community tab about the Q&A, customers who want to get involved can be there clearly and early to get answers. You might get some new fans this way.

Gather support for the project

Do you hold an awards show, need a voice to win an award, hold a fundraiser? Gather your customer support by using the communities tab. Add relevant links and direct traffic where you need them.


Whether you’re a large or medium creator, thanking your customers for their loyalty through gift-giving is a great tactic. Whoever wins will likely share the facts on social media, just widening the circle of interest for your channel. In fact, everyone loves free food. You may also get new customers who will subscribe just to participate. Yes, it may be a little tricky to get customers this way. But if your content is strong and valuable, new customers will definitely continue to survive. You can even use the community tab to post reminders, updates on conditions, any changes, and more. Many channels, as they approach a particular customer target, host prizes to get them at the finish line.

Improve YouTube’s visibility of older content

Use the community tab to promote your old videos that aren’t gaining enough traction. You can even direct users to special courses you have created for them for which they need to click on a link. Directing traffic to other websites or areas where you are looking for views is an effective way to use the community tab.

Click the bell icon

You know how many YouTubers are asking their viewers to subscribe and clicking the bell icon to receive a notification towards the end of their video. They can do the same through the community tab.

Showcase your product

Are you a creator who also sells products online? Yes, you can always direct viewers to a merchandise page or website. But it is better to use photos. Submit photos of new products you launch or launch. Your customers can submit questions about pricing, measurements, and other explanations on the community tab.

Share GIFs and memes

Visuals are far more entertaining than words. Use the community tab to share topical memes and trends that will make your audience laugh and engage. If you can’t produce anything, just show a funny picture of yourself and take a photo with a meme caption.

Community tabs are great for creators to make sure customers are always by their side, issue explanations, gather support, and more. And the best part is, you can use it to grab eyeballs from strangers. A fact that most people don’t know is that community posts don’t just reach your customers. Anyone on YouTube who might be interested in your type of content might see your community posts on their feed. In fact, YouTube itself confirms that they use community tabs to improve accessibility by showing community posts to users right wherever they are. In the end, the community tab is the best way to drive the growth of your channel as well as your personal brand.

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